NetLog features in Daily Post

With it's obvious benefits to net tracking and inspection, NetLog's release has drawn attention from the Daily Post. 

TECHNIUM Aberystwyth-based software developer SmartData UK has devised a software package that could improve the safety of construction and maintenance workers working at height.

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RoSPA Occupational Safety & Health Journal feature NetLog

Being the first commercially available safety net administration package made NetLog worthy of feature in the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents Occupational Safety and Health Journal. The article features in the April 2008 edition of the journal.

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SafetyNet Services Case Study

Safety Net Services has worked across the U.K. on major construction projects since 1998.

It has provided Safety Netting, Equipment and Services to an impressive list of client projects such as Arsenal Football Club’s new Emirates Stadium, Canary Warf in London, Leeds General Station in Yorkshire and the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff to name just a few.

Quality and safety are critical to their success and all their nets are certified and bear the appropriate GS safety mark. To help keep this aspect of their business firmly on track, they use Netlog. This enables them to keep track of over 3,500 nets at any one time and also produce comprehensive reports for the nets used on each contract. They believe this capability not only enables them to meet their statutory requirements, it also gives them a Competitive Advantage. They can manage their business more efficiently and this in turn gives them a more professional presence in front of clients.

John Walsh Managing Director of Safety Net Services said ''Netlog manages a rigorous maintenance routine and is a great success. In fact, it is capable of many more functions than even we imagined at the outset.''

Life Saving Software

Aberystwyth Technium-based software developer SmartData has devised a potentially life-saving software package which could dramatically improve the safety of construction and maintenance workers who risk their lives by working at height.

Called NetLog, SmartData’s software solution is designed to help companies deploy, track and schedule inspections of safety nets to ensure they remain fully operational and safe at all times.
According to the latest figures from the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE), there have been over 43,000 industrial injuries involving falls from height in the last five years - fuelling speculation in the construction industry that many of the resultant injuries are due to poorly maintained or defective safety equipment.

The HSE’s ‘Work at Height’ regulations came into force in April 2005 and state that all work at height should be properly planned and organised, with appropriate safety equipment selected and used to prevent fatalities and serious accidents.  However, according to SmartData UK, the industry is still not being tough enough with safety checks on their equipment and this is putting lives at risk.

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